Syngenta is a leading agriculture company devoted to improving crop outcomes. Hugh has made many videos educating the farmers on the proper use of their pesticides and fungicides in addition to documenting their annual Good Growth Awards where they highlight industry leaders across Australia.

At Chrome River's annual conference in Los Angeles in 2019, as well as capturing the keynote speeches and panel discussions, Hugh shot a series of customer testimonials over the course of the two day event.

Conference videography serves many purposes. The panels, seminars and keynotes can be recorded so that people who could not attend can catch up on what they missed and the overview video makes a great marketing tool for the next year's event. The Recurring Revenue Conference has been held in Los Angeles since 2015 and Hugh has been there since the beginning as it has grown from around 200 attendees to over 700 in 2019.

Photographs from various events.

Jay Nolan Community Services is a non profit in Los Angeles that looks after autistic and developmental disabled people. Hugh has been shooting photographs and making videos for them since 2010. Lots of his videos and photographs can be found on their website.

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