Soundgarden, photographed in New Orleans.

Swan Lake

Shot at Clovelly for The Australian Ballet's production of Swan Lake, these photographs involved an immense amount of preparation. The ballerina had to have weights sown into her tutu. The production team spent the day hanging off a large inner tube, diving with held breath to watch the magic being created. Clovelly is a marine sanctuary and there are fish everywhere (they've been retouched out). Tourists would occasionally swim over to enquire politely what was happening.

This is the UCLA gym team, shot for a Xmas card from the Dean. There's a video of the shoot here

Recent print work for Vivacity for antidepressant Rexulti. Every element was shot separately in a studio and composited by retoucher Claudia Fitzpatrick to fit a very tight brief. Medical advertising often has very strict needs regarding layout and shooting every element individually allowed for much more latitude in getting everything to fit together as needed for the various uses the imagery would be used for.

Photography is often done in improvised spaces - this was shot in Patrick Warburton's garage in a suburb north of Los Angeles.

Another garage photograph, this time in Adam West's house in Palm Springs. The set was built out of K Mart umbrellas and there was just enough room for Adam to squeeze between them into the planned pose.

Sometimes you're told you'll have an hour with someone and you get five minutes. Sometimes five minutes turns into an hour and a half as it did with Gabriel Byrne. Shot in a New York studio, he had recently done the film Jindabyne and he just wanted to talk about Australia.

This is an outtake from a shoot with Ben Mendelsohn for Rolling Stone. Another shot from this session eventually ran in The Guardian accompanying an article by Ben's now former wife Emma Forrest about their marriage. You can read the article here.

If you've ever used Google Chrome this is the man responsible. Originally from Melbourne, Glen Murphy thought Google should have a browser. So he wrote one. Shot at Google's campus in Mountain View, California.

Kendo, originally shot in Los Angeles for UCLA Magazine, these images were used twice for The London Cup.

This guitar boat was designed by Ross Wallace for a Josh Pyke music video. In this shot Josh is cruising around the Glebe foreshore. It was sold for charity after the video wrapped.

For a special Olympic issue of Black and White Magazine, butterfly swimmer Felicity Galvez wanted to become a butterfly. With the aid of retoucher Keith Lo Bue her wish was granted. Its not a costume - the butterfly wings were obtained from the Australian Museum and measured only a few centimetres across.

People either get this instantly, or not for a few minutes. Is the joke possibly too subtle?

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