Hugh has been working for the Sydney Writers Festival since 2015, interviewing writers and members of the audience and capturing the wonderful vibe of the festival to put together videos that have sold it successfully to publishers and authors around the world.

Bistro Papillon is a french restaurant in Clarence St, Sydney. They make truly wonderful food.

For Chrome River's 2018 conference in Los Angeles, Hugh created the opening video from stock footage to really bring home the conference's core theme - in today's rapidly changing world you have to be future-ready.

Hugh shot 62 videos for Redsbaby Prams over two days to take consumers through how to assemble their range and the accessories that can be added on. Further videos can be seen on their website.

At Chrome River's Annual Conference, Hugh shot numerous client testimonials as well as documenting panels and keynote speeches.

For the 2018 Melbourne Cup, Lexus commissioned sculptor Anna-Wili Highfield to create a showpiece for their sponsorship of the cup. This video was played on a loop beside the sculpture.

Johnny Carter is a legend on Sydney's northern beaches - he has been teaching children to swim at Palm Beach since 1947. The Palm Beach pool is now named after him. Well over eighty now, he is still there every January, teaching the children of parents whose parents he once taught.

Russ the Bus is a Sydney Writer's Festival educational initiative. Every year it visits over sixty schools all over NSW to give away free books and inspire kids to read. The authors get a chance to meet and interact with their audience and every child gets a book.

This video was produced to show sponsors and donors the extraordinary effect that their investment can have on the children of NSW.

For Strand Hatters Hugh shot ten short social media videos that showcased the staff's personalities and their passion for hats.

For the Sydney Film Festival produces daily one minute videos, with snap reviews from audience members and soundbites from festival guests.

Van Diemen's Band are a Tasmanian Chamber Orchestra. This video was produced to promote their CD Cello Napoletano, a collaboration with Cellist Catherine Jones. 

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